Mechabrick – LEGO + Board Game + Mechs!

2013 seems to be the year of LEGO-related crowdfunding projects, with a number of raging successes and disappointing failures along the way. Even I’ve been involved in the mix. Just this week there’s been another contender for that crowdfunding gwop, and it’s going really strong.

Mechabrick is a table-top board game based around Japanese-style mechs, and is the brainchild of fellow AFOL Ben Jarvis, owner of Dubreq (pronounced du-breq by the way). You may have seen his display at the Great Western LEGO Show, which seemed such a long time ago…

STEAM (Great Western LEGO Show) 2013

The game centres around mechs, or giant robots, which are constructed with the help of LEGO minifigure torsos and legs:

I’m not going to say much more about it, because I think Ben does a good enough job on the Kickstarter page.

As I’m writing this the project has broken the 50% mark, having raised over £6500 in just four days. Internet activity has been insane, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they reach the £13000 target by the end of the week.

Part of why I think they’ve been so successful, apart from the extraordinary word of mouth, is that Mechabrick has something for everybody: mechs for mech lovers, LEGO buildings for fans of architecture, simple rules for board game enthusiasts, small models that lends themselves to being painted, different (and exclusive) coloured mechs for collectors, and their own version of nanofigures for me. When this project does succeed I’m hoping to be able to get a whole bag of them.

All things aside, it’s about time the UK had as big a victory as the other successful Kickstarter projects, so go ahead and show your support for Mechabrick on Kickstarter – and check out the Facebook page for updates as they happen.