SilentMode’s Upcoming CUUSOO Predictions (Fall 2013)

It’s time for another one of these posts, as a nice new image has sprung up with the seven candidates for LEGO CUUSOO’s Fall 2013 review.


One thing to say first is that the last results announcement was a complete surprise, I think to everybody. Not only was the winner announced, but a whole bunch of projects that reached 10,000 supporters – IP-based or not – got the boot too. It also seems that a few other people are also done with CUUSOO, whether it’s as a result of the announcement or other shenanigans.

Anyway, so far I’m one for four on my predictions (technically one for two, as nobody expected a complete seasonal review wipeout). Here’s what I have to say about the Fall 2013 review:

I sincerely hope none of these sets – apart from the Ghostbusters projects – get made.

It’s nothing personal at all, but hear me out.

I’m dead set against the Female Minifigure Set, not only because it has feminism written all over it, but to me it shows a real lack of imagination. We already have the hugely successful Friends theme when it comes to LEGO for girls, and Olivia’s Workshop in particular was given high praise as an example of women in unconventional occupations. When it comes to minifigure building, because of the range of hairpieces and torsos specifically for female figures, I’ve found it easier to create female figures than ever. Then again, I’m not one of these people who thinks minifigures can’t be female if they don’t have eyelashes and/or lipstick.

I don’t know anything about Poptropica or FTL: Faster Than Light, other than they’re obviously based on IPs. I still think that IP-based projects shouldn’t have to compete with original ideas, and I would highly suggest CUUSOO adopt ideas from Threadless as I talked about a while ago.

While I think The Wizard of Oz is one of the greatest movies of all time, having seen the Road to Oz model I’m not really sure I want to see it made into an official LEGO set. I would rather have the characters from the movie – we have the Wicked Witch and the Scarecrow from the Collectible Minifigures – and build my own models to house them. If LEGO goes with this, it will be very interesting to see how they tackle it, and what they end up designing.

Of the two Ghostbusters projects, I can see the first one (with the Ecto-1 and four figures) being chosen over the other. The fire station would make a much cooler set, and I’d rather have one of those… but I’m assuming LEGO are working toward the GBP 34.99 price point, and there’s no way they could do it justice if that’s the case.
The Ecto-1 and four figures would accompany the Back to The Future CUUSOO set as another movie vehicle immortalised in LEGO. How would they tackle the proton packs for the characters? Without introducing a new mould, one solution would be a neck bracket with either printed tile attached.

So I’m rooting for either of the Ghostbusters projects to be chosen, 30th anniversary or not… but I have a very bad feeling LEGO is going to cave into feminist demand for the Female Minifigure Set. If they do, it’s going to be a very sad day for the hobby – but at the same time I’d be curious as to what they do with the concept.

So that’s my prediction for Fall 2013 – what say you?