Halloween MOC: It’s Only A Movie!

"It's Only A Movie!"

In response to my “mystery” display at this year’s Great Western LEGO Show, someone remarked that I should do Thriller next. So I did..!

But there was no way I was going to invest goodness knows how much time in recreating the music video, only to get less than 100 views on YouTube – so instead I used the opportunity to create my first ever Halloween MOC. This is also the first MOC I’ve created where I haven’t had to buy anything to complete it.

Instead of filling a vignette with expensive zombies and masonry bricks, or doing an obvious scene with the werewolf (either from Series 4 or the Monster Fighters theme – or even an earlier one!), I chose to do something less obvious: the scene where Michael and his girlfriend leave the cinema.


Now originally I was going to use the sigfig and Val in this vignette (in fact I had tried to give him the outfit last year!), but coincidentally Matthew from the Friends theme showed up – and as all four readers of my reviews in the entire world know, Andrea has a thing for him.

Thriller minidolls

I haven’t done any customisation in a while, but after a few coats of acrylic lacquer paint and a couple of permanent markers, I’ve managed to give both of them outfits resembling the music video. They make a great couple, and you can almost see Matthew busting a few moves.

As for the details in front of the cinema: Sabe DiMarco is the name of the chef from Saint Sabe’s, an older MOC, and the movie title is a reference to “See You Next Wednesday“. But you knew that, right?