New Site Design!

Absolutely nobody – not even my three or so fans in the entire universe – has noticed yet that has undergone a makeover of its own. Since activity has been dead in other areas, I used the spare time to clean things up on this site and make it behave a bit better on tablet and possibly mobile devices.

The redesign uses Twitter Bootstrap, much like Project Swapfig does, and you’ll notice it uses hardly any graphics besides the default post pictures and the background. I’m not a web designer, and anyone who has seen my other work knows that I tend to design using black, white and grey.

In addition to the aesthetics, I’ve also added “classifications”, or filters to my reviews: you can look at ones where EvilMode doesn’t make an appearance, as well as those that don’t contain any of my trademark humour. You’ll see these options as you browse the site, or in the sidebar on the right (under the list of reviewed themes).

What do you make of the redesign? It probably doesn’t matter, but you can let me know in the comments.