Less than 24 Hours Left to Support!

Folks, I had to put this post up to let you know there’s less than 24 hours before Project Swapfig’s crowdfunding campaign comes to an end – so now’s the time to visit the link and make a pledge of however much you want to make a pledge for.


The funny thing is, I thought the campaign was coming to an end today, mostly because I haven’t been keeping track of progress recently. In fact, I had been thinking about possibilities where the campaign was extended by such and such length… but then I remembered, today is the 46th day of the campaign: it was supposed to run for 45 but I’d messed up when setting the campaign length.

Anyway, this is indeed the 46th day of the campaign, and there is less than 24 hours before 46 days worth of hard work, dedication, frustration and all that other stuff comes to a head. I would love to be able to replace all of that with new stresses over getting t-shirts and minifigures printed, as well as trying to find a designer – but that is all in your hands as the person reading this post.

Please help us (me and the other supporters) reach our modest target by pledging as much as you can.

Make a pledge right now!

Thank you.