WE Did it!

Project Swapfig - minifigure trading action - ZEQUS

A huge thank you to everybody who got behind the campaign.

Things came to a head at 10:30am today, and something I hadn’t expected at all turned up in my mailbox: an email saying that Project Swapfig’s second (and last!) crowdfunding campaign had succeeded. A total of 44 people (including myself) got together and pledged just over £1500, with the aim of hiring a web designer to give the site a makeover.

At the moment I don’t know how to feel, if I’m honest. On one hand I feel badly about my efforts and antics over the past month and a half, almost as if I don’t deserve the victory. This campaign was far messier than the first attempt, and at a couple of points I was on the verge of throwing in the towel!
On the other hand, I’m honoured that so many people had that much faith in the campaign (or me!), given that this wasn’t your usual crowdfunding project for an iPhone case or camera accessory. This was by far the hardest LEGO-related activity I’ve ever done, and I’m glad to have gotten the support.

What’s done is done though, and from here on in I’m taking on a whole new bunch of stresses. My biggest concern right now is with finding a suitable web designer for the task, although high on the agenda is producing the rewards and getting them out to the supporters.

All that’s left is to shout out those who went in and helped make this possible: Brick Fanatics, Louise (Tranquility), Tim (caperberry), Kishin from Kollectobil, Richard Selby, and especially Brickset and Kyle Johnson who did way more than I probably deserved. A huge shout out also goes to James from Zequs for keeping me in check(!) and helping with the mailouts and adjustments to the campaign, and the rest of the team at Zequs.
Last but not least, a big shout out everybody who pledged something and helped to spread the word about the campaign and the site: there’s no way I could have experienced any of this without your help.