SilentMode’s Best and Worst Collectible Minifigures of All Time

As many of you know, I’m a fan of LEGO’s Collectible Minifigures. Not the kind of “fan” who prefaces their YouTube videos and weblog posts designed for search engines about how big a fan they claim to be, but someone who actually collects them. I started collecting the figures seriously just before Series 2 was leaving the shelves (thank goodness!), and now I have all 178 of them – including Mr Gold and the Clockwork Soldier from the Character Encyclopaedia book.

Before the end of 2012, there was suspicion on my part – having had the chance to look at a retailer’s magazine – that the Collectible Minifigures would end at Series 10, as there was no mention of a Series 11. Thankfully a picture of a Series 11 box floating around the Internet had confirmed it wasn’t the case.

However, other rumours have been confirmed that the next set of Collectible Minifigures will be from the upcoming The LEGO Movie. While some people are insisting on calling this set of figures Series 12 (despite the words Series 12 appearing nowhere on the box), IMO Series 11 marks the end of the official (numbered) Collectible Minifigure line-up.

That’s why I’m making this post about what I consider to be the best and worst Collectible Minifigures of all time. I have all of them, and I have an opinion of my own, therefore I am qualified to make the call!

Series 1


The Cheerleader easily caught my attention when the very first picture of the very first series of Collectible Minifigures was exposed. The pom-poms were the most noticeable thing about that figure (being the most unusual new part in the series), but on closer inspection her appearance captures the youth and beauty of a typical cheerleader perfectly. This was the first Collectible Minifigure I’d decided to build an army of, made a lot easier by the presence of its torso and legs in Build-A-Mini stations at one point, although her pom-poms are still scarce. You can also find this figure in the Brick Calendar set (853195).

A lot of people dislike the Demolition Dummy, but my vote for least favourite in the series goes to the Diver – while the Demolition Dummy can be made into a convincing army, the Diver is just too unappealing for my tastes and wouldn’t work as well. As with many of the other minifigures, the design of the head ruins the figure most of all. I’ve never been a fan of the flipper pieces either.