SilentMode’s Best and Worst Collectible Minifigures of All Time

Series 10

Anyone rating the best and worst of Series 10 is likely to be influenced by whether or not they’ve been trying to find Mr Gold, and especially if they’ve actually kept it instead of reselling. Over on Project Swapfig, Mr Gold is currently the most and least favourite of all the Collectible Minifigures, which shows just how polarising it is.

The figure I was after from the beginning was the Bumblebee Girl, again as the most unusual and interesting of the series. As usual, people were generally very stingy about trading these with me, I guess because – unlike Gorilla Suit Guys – they were only two to a box. Despite this, I should have an army of 50 right about now, and an MOC utilising all of them is still in the works. The Bumblebee Girl could be a female dressed up as a bee, or even an actual anthropomorphic insect.

The Skydiver, Mechanic and Paintball Player are worthy candidates for my least favourite in Series 10, but it came down to the problem of trying to find Mr Gold, in which the Tomahawk Warrior takes the biscuit. Though the Decorator is a bigger culprit (as it has a bucket, a 1×1 round brick and the roller), how many times have you tried to feel for Mr Gold’s staff, only to be led astray by the tomahawk? The big giveaway is the rubbery mohawk, which is probably the single most appealing part of this figure. And again, there are six of them per box.