SilentMode’s Best and Worst Collectible Minifigures of All Time

Series 11

Assuming that Series 11 is the last of the official series, they really went all out on this one – and I’d regard Series 11 as being one of the strongest, if not the strongest series. Then again, it has its howlers too.

My favourite in this series is the Pretzel Girl, with very stiff competition from Grandma. Actually, I’d say that Grandma is the best all-round minifigure in the series, but the Pretzel Girl is my overall favourite due to sheer cuteness. She could literally be a girl coming of age, or a very youthful-looking woman: you decide. I think just about everybody knows she’s really meant to be holding a stein or something, but to keep things kiddy-safe LEGO have made her a pretzel maiden.

The Evil Mech. The only figure that comes close to being my least favourite is the Lady Robot, which I don’t think should exist at all. In any case, I wasn’t a fan of the Battle Mech from Series 9, and the Evil Mech is much worse – though Space fans may like it due to the Blacktron reference. I don’t have anything else to say about it – it’s that’s bad.