SilentMode’s Best and Worst Collectible Minifigures of All Time

Series 12


Although the Spooky Girl was the figure I had my eye on when the official pictures first surfaced, it was only when I had the figures in my hand (always the best way to judge) that I found a soft spot for the Fairytale Princess.
My immediate first impression was that she was a female dressed up as a princess, either hosting a children’s birthday party or reading stories to kids – in other words, she’s someone’s mom. It’s the lack of objectification – no lipstick, no excessive bosom – that really makes this figure, and it’s greatly helped by the choice of Lavender and Medium Lavender for her outfit.
One thing that wasn’t made evident was her double-sided head: the other side has her puckering up to kiss the frog in her hand.

Right on the other side of the spectrum, the Prospector ever-so-slightly pipped the Swashbucker for my least favourite minifigure in the series; the Swashbucker at least has a potentially useful torso, and a sword if you like his weaponry. The Prospector literally has nothing appealing to me, particularly as his accessory is nothing more than a regular pickaxe.
Surprisingly I’ve found that the Prospector was rather popular; they all disappeared when I’d listed them on Swapfig, while nobody was interested in my surplus Swashbucklers.