SilentMode’s Best and Worst Collectible Minifigures of All Time

Series 13


Right off the bat I noticed that Series 13 had a strong historical bias, with at least seven of the figures fitting that category. One reason I’ve heard is that there’ll be very few – if any – historical-based sets in 2015, with the exception of the resurrected Pirates theme, as well as the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit bowing out. The big advantage of this bias, however, is the number of potential army figures in S13: almost all of the figures would work in multiples.

My top spot eventually went to the Galaxy Trooper, as a sweet improvement over the S7 Galaxy Patrol. The Dark Stone Grey armour and helmet are perfect – almost straight out of a tabletop role-playing game – and it comes with two Black Alien Conquest blasters, that can be stored in the armour’s clips. Much like the S7 Galaxy Patrol, its double-sided head comes with a printed visor on one side, but I prefer the yellow face for the more appropriate expression. Definitely one to make an army of, and I think they may even come in fives per box.

My least favourite was not such a tough decision: the Lady Cyclops. I think most of you will agree there was no reason to have one, except for those who want to pair them with the S9 Cyclops (who, funnily enough, also has an Olive Green torso). The only benefit the Lady Cyclops has is its Medium Stone Grey club, though there are those Sand Blue body parts if you want them.