SilentMode’s Best and Worst Collectible Minifigures of All Time

BEST Collectible Minifigure of All Time

To pick what I think is the best figure of all time, I’ve had to narrow my list of favourites down to my top three.

Why the Series 1 Cheerleader?

The first Cheerleader was my very first “must-have” figure, and even though I have a very large army of them in my collection, the original is still very appealing, particularly when its pom-poms are included. The Red Cheerleader is one I wanted to see as a counterpart, but it doesn’t come close to matching the original.

Why the Series 3 Gorilla Suit Guy?

The Gorilla Suit Guy was the very first Collectible Minifigure I saw that was remarkably different. At first sight it wasn’t just a minifigure with some kind of a uniform: it could have been an actual gorilla. Of course, there are other animal-themed minifigures further down the road, but (apart from the Bumblebee Girl) none of them have the same effect.

Why the Series 6 Sleepyhead?

As mentioned before, the Sleepyhead – IMO – embodies everything LEGO is about, and lends itself to a lot of creativity for those who build MOCs. What kind of environment would you put the Sleepyhead in? There is no definitive answer.

And the winner is…

It was a tough decision that could have gone either way, but my vote goes to the Series 6 Sleepyhead. I know it’s a very controversial choice, but it came down to creativity and the possibilities for each figure, of which the Sleepyhead outstrips the others. Coincidentally it’s the only nominated figure with a double-sided head.