SilentMode’s Best and Worst Collectible Minifigures of All Time

Series 2


Much like with Series 1, where people eventually went nuts over the Zombie (rumour has it that a single one can fetch around £25!), there was only one figure I was interested in collecting when Series 2 came to town: the Pop Star. While others were concentrating on amassing large armies of Spartans – and then consequently selling them – I was drawn to the Pop Star’s pink outfit and the inclusion of a brand new microphone part. Pink outfits on minifigures were extremely uncommon, and probably hadn’t been seen since the days of Paradisa, but this one was very well done with its silver detail. The hairpiece was an interesting shape and colour too.

I think most people would agree with me about the Ringmaster, although this list has nothing to do with people agreeing with me. The main issue with the Ringmaster was that there didn’t need to be six of them in a box at all. Series 2 was released when many stores didn’t allow people to pick their own figures, so it was all too easy to end up with multiples… and then wonder what on earth you can do with them. Unless you were building a cabaret MOC or something along those lines, I can’t see any use for more than one.

As a footnote to Series 2: because of the gold rush for Spartan figures, I strongly suspect that BrickLink sellers claiming to sell Series 2 figures at random had picked the Spartans out beforehand. They were notoriously difficult to get hold of, and in the end I had to buy a full set just to get one.