SilentMode’s Best and Worst Collectible Minifigures of All Time

Series 3


Series 3 was the series where I started to have an opinion. My figure of choice was the highly unusual Gorilla Suit Guy, which stood out from the others due to its radically different head. It turned out to be a headpiece covering a regular minifigure head, and even then the design of the minifigure head was unique (with a sweating expression) and very appealing to other people. You may remember that I liked this minifigure so much, I amassed a small army of them (with great difficulty).

Easily my least favourite of the 16 was the Race Car Driver. If it wasn’t the confusion caused by the helmet and visor when trying to find Gorilla Suit Guys, it was the opinion that this is very much a throwaway figure: if I wanted a Formula 1 driver I would buy a City or even an old Town set, or perhaps easily make one from a Build-A-Mini station. Outside of driving a Formula 1 car, which we’d have to make or find ourselves, I can’t see this figure being of any use.

I took a bit of heat for suggesting that Gorilla Suit Guys were going to be as popular as Zombies from Series 1 – that heat came from fanboys, trolls and “i agree” posters in a certain LEGO-related forum, whose opinions aren’t worth Jack Stone anyway.

As things turned out, thanks mainly to pictures of my small army, Gorilla Suit Guys became popular after all… and now people are refusing to trade them with me. Oh well.