SilentMode’s Best and Worst Collectible Minifigures of All Time

Series 4


I remember making a long and arduous journey to a big Tesco in Cheshunt (I think that’s where it was), solely to get the jump on Series 4. Thankfully the trip paid off, and for the effort I left the store with almost two boxes of figures.

For a very long time it was minifigures like the Artist that cemented Series 4 – in my mind – as the strongest series. Most people were mainly going crazy over the Hazmat Guy, and many of the other figures had some great accessories (the Crazy Scientist was particularly hoarded for its flask), but the Artist owned them all with a paintbrush, beret and palette. Thankfully the Artist’s head was well designed too, with no unnecessary wrinkles.

My previous least favourite figure from Series 4 was the Werewolf, but just like the Demolition Dummy it can make for a decent army. There really is only one candidate, and that’s the Soccer Player: even though it has a swept hairpiece and a silver “nanofigure” trophy, the stubble on the figure’s face completely ruins it. (It could be a representation of an actual footballer, but IMO it doesn’t matter.)

Series 4 ultimately exposed a tactic that LEGO used from here on in: pairing minifigures with similar part shapes in a series, to try to fool those using the “feel” method.