SilentMode’s Best and Worst Collectible Minifigures of All Time

Series 5

Series 5 had a lot to live up to, and for the most part it wasn’t as good as the previous series.

The Graduate is easily my favourite of the 16, not least because it’s as representative of an actual graduate as it can be. It’s currently the only minifigure to use the mortarboard hat. You may remember my efforts to bring the Series 5 Graduate and the Series 3 Gorilla Suit Guy together, in a storyline called Gorillas vs. Graduates or something.

The Egyptian Queen is my least favourite in the series – most obvious statement ever. Even if the figure is meant to represent Cleopatra: if a minifigure comes with one of those basic snakes as an accessory, you know it sucks. Even more to the point, the torso and head are the only potentially reusable parts of the figure – although if I remember correctly, someone made good use of the skirt slope in an MOC.

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  • Tom

    Great post! Frustratingly I’ve joined the minifigure party late, but I’m catching up slowly with 11,12,13, movie, Simpson 1&2 complete. I’ve also nearly completed 6,7 and 9, and have randoms from other series. I agree with lots of what you said with the robots being rubbish and the minotor not being very good. I was surprised with the pretzel girl and the princess and the frog though, I would have gone with the scarecrow and piggy suit guy. But hey we all have our own opinions! Please review the movie and Simpsons series because I’d be interested in what you thought.

    • SilentMode

      Thanks very much! I’m reminded to update the post with S14 now I have the full set. I might do the other series to pass the time, although I’m not really keen on The Simpsons.
      Reluctantly sent from Drew’s iFad.