SilentMode’s Best and Worst Collectible Minifigures of All Time

Series 7


Series 7 came out, and once I’d gotten  hold of all the figures in the series, I concluded that this and Series 4 were almost even as the strongest. This was probably the first and only series where there were no bad minifigures – though I was disappointed with the Bunny Suit Guy – just ones I liked the least.

My favourite of the bunch is the Computer Programmer. It would have been debatable and politically incorrect to call it a geek or a nerd, but either way it’s great that LEGO have represented people with brains. The printed mug and grey laptop add to the appeal, as well as the new hairstyle that we’d see again with the Series 9 Waiter.

The Daredevil is my least favourite due to the surge in the number of personalities, on TV and elsewhere, who think it’s cool to look like 60s/70s throwbacks. In particular the Daredevil looks like a particular “comedian”… but again, that doesn’t make it a bad minifigure, just my least favourite.