SilentMode’s Best and Worst Collectible Minifigures of All Time

Series 8


Though I was particularly excited about the Red Cheerleader (as a counterpart to the original Cheerleader), my overall favourite minifgure is the Fairy. The Fairy has the charm that I felt the seemingly loud-mouthed Red Cheerleader didn’t have, whether it was due to the Fairy’s torso design or the unusual hairstyle combined with the head. The Fairy works as is, but imagine the possibilities when using its parts to create other minifigures. This was also my first introduction to wings on a minifigure.

Without any contest, I dislike the Pirate Captain with a passion. Not only is it one ugly-looking minifigure, but there are six of them to contend with in a box. Just like with the Ringmaster, I don’t see how anyone could want or have use for more than one… unless they wanted multiples of that golden hook. Thankfully its distinctive peg-leg, cutlass and hat make it easy to identify through the “feel” method.