Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary: the next CUUSOO set

I caught wind of this while looking at my various Twitter feeds, and the results of CUUSOO’s Fall 2013 review are in… the seventh official CUUSOO set is going to be the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary set by BrentWaller – specifically the ECTO-1, so we’ll end up with another set like The DeLorean Time Machine.

(There were actually two Ghostbusters themed sets that reached 10,000 supporters in time for the review, and you can read about CUUSOO’s decision to go with the 30th Anniversary one by reading their official post.)

That means the other candidates will not be produced, including the Land Rover Defender left over from the last review, although rather worryingly they haven’t reached a decision on the Feminist – I mean – Female Minifigures Set, so there’s still a chance they’ll go for it.

I can’t say I’m a super-duper-die-hard fan of Ghostbusters, as many others will probably claim, but I like the movies and this was definitely the most exciting choice (for me) of the seven. I’m looking forward to getting hold of one – especially if, like The DeLorean Time Machine, it will come with minifigures.

For what it’s worth, a huge shout out and congratulations to BrentWaller for the accomplishment.