SilentMode’s Upcoming CUUSOO Predictions (Winter 2014)


All of the above sets have made LEGO CUUSOO’s Winter 2014 review, having reached 10,000 supports each. One of these projects – or indeed the Femin… Female Minifigures Set – will join the newly crowned Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary as an official CUUSOO set.

This is my first time seeing the shortlist, and I have to say I can’t imagine LEGO going for any of these, except one: Japanese Old Style Architecture.

Legend of Zelda: Iron Knuckle Encounter would be counted out immediately, because even from here I see that custom parts are used (particularly for Link). To show how far out of the loop I am, I’m not even sure LEGO would have access to the IP for Legend of Zelda, but again I wouldn’t mind seeing a set based on that theme in the future.

Sherlock would probably be eliminated as well because, as well as the updated rule stating that minifigure-only sets would not be produced through CUUSOO, the project (as it appears) seems to be only about the minifigures – once again there isn’t even a set being presented, and people went nuts over it anyway. To be fair I haven’t heard about the project before yesterday, and I haven’t seen the project page.

The UCS DeLorean Time Machine would make a nice addition, but unfortunately I can’t see it being produced at the GBP 34.99 price point that CUUSOO seems to be aiming for. Maybe LEGO would eventually produce such a set in the future, much like they expanded on the Minecr..aft set, but then I wonder if it would be brick-built (as pictured) or a Technic set. Also a concern is the fact there’s already a CUUSOO set based on the DeLorean, as well as whether there’s still any hype surrounding Back To The Future.

But then I’m not sure LEGO would go for Japanese Old Style Architecture either. For one, it might conflict with their existing Architecture theme (remembering that at least two CUUSOO projects were shelved because LEGO put out their own versions). For another, it’s usually just one model that’s meant to go through as a set – although if it does get chosen, the final decision would lie with LEGO. Of course, there’s the possibility that multiple, smaller models may be produced as a collection of buildings. If Japanese Old Style Architecture passes the review, it will be the first architecture-related CUUSOO set.

Having said that, let’s painfully remember that the Female Minifigures Set is still in contention. It could very well turn out that this gets chosen over everything you see above, and the imagination-less feminists will have their way. Seriously: I would get the set if it’s produced, for both review and collection purposes, but I don’t want to see another Mighty No. 9 situation.

Anyhow, my money is on Japanese Old Style Architecture to pass the Winter 2014 review, but what do you think?