Official pictures of the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary CUUSOO set

Just landed on my desk a couple of minutes ago was a post on Mashable about the last review’s winning CUUSOO set, Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary. What you see above is an official image of the upcoming set, and it’s looking good!

I can already spot a few nice pieces, including 1×1 round plates with holes in Red, cheese slopes that look like they’re in Metallic or Flat Silver, 1×1 round plates in Trans Medium Blue, and of course the printed “boat” plates used for the proton packs. Do I also see 2×2 bows in White? I’m also liking the look of the minifigures, and I’m glad to see that – unlike in the 8-bit video games – Winston is included.

I’m really looking forward to this set, and you’d better believe there’ll be a review once I get hold of one. (I’ll probably have to buy it myself, as usual… 🙁 )