MOC Showcase now on

If you’ve been looking on my Twitter feed (by the way, you can follow me @SilentMode1 on Twitter), you might have noticed a couple of unusual tweets last night. Those marked the official launch of my brand new MOCs section, right here on

Since making the switch to WordPress for the site a couple of years ago, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to add the showcase to the site – I wasn’t satisfied with the various gallery and portfolio plugins, so – like everything I’ve wanted to do – I figured out how to implement my own solution. I wanted to have a showcase much sooner, but naturally I’ve had other commitments.

As well as showing people just how many things I’ve built, and how far my building skills have progressed in my four years as an AFOL, I wanted to demonstrate that I’m not just a controversial persona: I do actually do things! In this case, I’m showing that I can design and build models – and have.
In a way I also wanted to make a point, concerning something that’s been bugging me since I became an AFOL and made myself known in LEGO circles. To put it in the most politically correct way possible: anyone who’s interested can check out my work and leave their thoughts in the comments sections; anyone who isn’t, for whatever reason, can go elsewhere (but probably aren’t reading this anyway!).

So the first MOC I’ve added to the site is the one pictured with this post: I remember posting the initial pictures on a certain forum site back when I started out, and back then it was probably the only SUV MOC that existed (that could house more than one minifigure).

I’m going to be adding more of these MOCs as time progresses, which will hopefully inspire me to get back into building a lot sooner (I haven’t done anything since New Year).