LEGO CUUSOO to become LEGO Ideas

Arriving on my Twitter feed, courtesy of Brickipedia, was this official announcement: that LEGO CUUSOO is moving away from the CUUSOO web site, to be replaced with their own site called LEGO Ideas, and essentially coming out of beta.

As far as I can tell, everything will be kept intact from the current LEGO CUUSOO site, so there’s no special protocol for moving to the new site, nor any reason to panic.

I’m very certain that the new site will allow The LEGO Group to tighten control over the projects (which will hopefully include some IP/non-IP separation!), and will hopefully introduce some/more clarity over what can be submitted.

That said, a major change that will be introduced with LEGO Ideas is a time limit: now all projects will have just one year from submission to reach the lofty goal of 10,000 supporters, otherwise they’ll automatically fail. They can be resubmitted if this happens, but their supporter count will start from scratch (I’d also suspect that potential supporters would also have the option of removing their support as well.) In addition, project submission will be made open to 13 year olds upwards.

Even though I’m done with the whole CUUSOO thing, having had three wildly unsuccessful projects, I’m very curious as to what this new site will look like and how it will function.

It will be interesting to see how the newly imposed time limit for projects will affect the dynamics and quality of submissions. Self-promotion and word of mouth will be more important than ever, but I’d suspect there’ll be even more skewing of promotion by the big LEGO fan sites, as well as major sites picking up specific ones to spread all over the Net, than there is already.

Personally, I hope the new site will encourage more original, non-IP-based projects to be submitted and gain support – but more importantly I hope we see some underdogs start to shine. Only time will tell, eh?

Speaking of CUUSOO: I’ve recently updated my WordPress plugin, so blog owners can help promote their favourite CUUSOO projects. It may be making a return to as I do my bit to help some “underdogs”.