Getting Classic Space Out of the Attic

If you haven’t heard by now: the Exo Suit, LEGO Ideas’ (née CUUSOO) seventh set, is due to be launched in a few months time, after the highly anticipated Ghostbusters LEGO Ideas set. (You can see a review of the Ghostbusters set over on The New Elementary.)

Along with Benny’s Spaceship (which is also reviewed on The New Elementary!), the Exo Suit marks a revival of Classic Space, as well as a surge of interest in what’s called Neo Classic Space.
Classic Space is basically the original Space theme featuring the iconic coloured astronauts, and is characterised by the Blue/Trans Yellow/Grey combination used in the sets. In short, Neo Classic Space involves contemporary MOCs built using the Classic Space colour scheme.

In the run up to the launch of the Exo Suit, a fan-driven promotion called Out of the Attic has been launched, encouraging people to revisit their past and bring their Classic Space minifigures and sets to the fore.

You can check out other people’s contributions – and perhaps add your own! – by visiting the dedicated Out of the Attic Flickr group.


Project Swapfig is also joining in with the promo by making Classic Space minifigures available to trade on the site. If you have any spares lying around – or perhaps you want to start your own collection of astronauts – you may be able to find what you’re after there.

SilentMode’s contribution

First of all, a confession: I have no horse whatsoever in Classic Space, as those sets came before my time. With that said, the first LEGO set I bought myself was 1954 Surveillance Scooter from the Spyrius theme (mid-90s).

I got to thinking, however: since coming out of my “dark age” in 2010, I’ve managed to accumulate hundreds of minifigures from the used collections I’ve bought. One of these boxes just happened to be in my flat (I don’t have an attic 🙁 ):

Out of the Attic: box o' figures

Last night I went through the box to see if I had any of those coveted Classic Space minifigures. Here’s what I found:

Out of the Attic: Red Astronauts

A total of four Red Astronaut figures were hiding in the box: three of them had their logos obscured by some headwear from another old theme. Even though they’re all missing their helmets and oxygen tanks (I used to think they were jetpacks!), they’re all proud to have seen the light of day.

And oh look, feminists: two of them are female! One even has a hairpiece, so that means we have equality!

In all seriousness: let’s remember that minifigures during the Classic Space era only had the basic minifigure head (second left). Neo Classic Space conventions actually insist on using fleshies (realistic skin tones, as found on licensed minifigures). Whichever style you prefer, and whichever sexes you prefer, you’re free to chop and change.

Out of the Attic: White Astronaut

Also in the box was this lone White Astronaut, complete with white oxygen tank… but for some reason has a hard hat on instead of their helmet. I eventually figured this astronaut was preparing to design and build a colony in this new world, with the Red Astronauts being wilful volunteers.

Out of the Attic: Unitron figures

Moving away from strictly Classic Space, I also found these two figures from the Unitron Space theme. I had previously owned the figure on the right (his name was Joe) before my “dark age”, but the other was one I’d bought online shortly after coming out of it, in that period where I had an addiction to buying anything I didn’t know about. It turns out that these are the only two figures in the Unitron theme.

Out of the Attic: Spyrius figures

Finally we have a generic Spyrius minifigure (right), which is the same one that came in 1954 Surveillance Scouter, and almost identical droids: the red one is from the Spyrius theme, while the white one is from the Exploriens theme. Exploriens, along with Ice Planet, was a Space theme I’d gotten into in terms of buying the smaller sets (not being able to afford the larger ones).

There were also a couple of other Exploriens figures in the box, complete with helmets, but they were too jumbled up to make the cut.

Having gone through that box of minifigures leaves me wondering if there are any hidden gems in the others – I certainly hope so!

But now it’s your turn: what Classic Space sets and minifigures have you got in your attic?