SilentMode’s Upcoming CUUSOO Predictions (First 2014)

You probably aren’t as disappointed as I am about the recent news involving the eighth CUUSOO/LEGO Ideas set, but what’s done is done and now it’s time to look to the future.

I have been tempted to myself back into the crowdsourcing ring, and having a go at submitting another set idea. Let’s face it though: I struggle to get any comments on this site, so how could I reach 10,000 supporters?


So six projects have reached the 10,000 supporter milestone, and they all go head to head in the First 2014 review under the LEGO Ideas brand. As the image suggests, we should hear about the results later this year.

My money is on Doctor Who for one simple reason: LEGO themselves made a point of saying they’d entertain the Doctor Who IP on their CUUSOO weblog, and people have been going nuts ever since. It must have taken only a month or so before the first project reached 10,000 supporters, and the fact there’s two Doctor Who projects in contention means we may have another Ghostbusters situation.

Of the two projects I would guess they’d choose the first one over Doctor Who and Companions, mostly because of the number of minifigures in the latter. I’m not a fan of Doctor Who at all, so don’t bother waking me up when one of them gets chosen.

The LEGO Bird Project has been something of a slow burner, because although it was a popular project it took a while to reach 10,000 supporters. It also stands a good chance of being picked, thinking specifically about how the instructions would be made and all the bird information that could be included. I can definitely see it being made as an official set, but it risks losing out to the Doctor Who IP.

The Big Bang Theory took a while to grow on me as a TV show, but I don’t think it would be chosen due to its “adult” humour. I wouldn’t go out and buy the set either.

Yet another Back To The Future set – the BTTF Jules Verne Train – makes the cut, from the same people who brought you The DeLorean! Like last time, I don’t know whether LEGO would consider a set at that grand a scale for a LEGO Ideas product, or whether they’d want to release another BTTF set. There’s obviously still some support for the trilogy, so who knows?

Finally the Modular Apple Store. That would require cooperation with Apple, and I’m not sure if it would get off the ground because of that. If it did, who knows how much it would cost? On the other hand, think of the potentially cool parts that might come in the set; we may have a bunch of printed tiles, or even Metallic Silver elements.

The fact there are no nasty surprises this time around leads me to predict: Doctor Who will be chosen as the ninth LEGO Ideas set, but the LEGO Bird Project will also be kept in contention.