Reviews of the LEGO Ideas Exo Suit (#007)

Much to the chagrin of the LEGO community, I received an early copy of the Exo Suit – the seventh set under the LEGO Ideas banner – and posted my review of it yesterday.  Long story short, it’s been worth the wait and I recommend getting hold of one – if you want one – as soon as possible.

Of course, I’m not the only person to get an advance copy. Here are some reviews and opinions from the more accepted side of the community…


Brickset has a three part review of the Exo Suit, and was the first of two reviews I’d read before I did mine. This one got me very excited for the set, and while there are criticisms of the set, the overall opinion was that it was a proud moment for British AFOLs as well as a great set overall.

Brick Fanatics

The review by our homies over at Brick Fanatics is prefaced with some Reddit comments by Mark Stafford (who designed the set). There aren’t any photos to go with this review, but just about everything we want to know is mentioned. Interestingly the rating for parts is the lowest out of the five categories (similar to my review!).

Toys N Bricks

The other review I caught wind of was this forum thread by Toys N Bricks, which looks a lot like the reviews I used to post on another forum. I haven’t read this one, but it looks similar to what I would do if I was aiming for a humorous review! They’ve also rated the set favourably, though in their poll a few of the forum members do not approve.

Model Building Secrets

It’s also necessary to mention this weblog post by the not-so-secretive model builder, whom I keep an eye on via social media. It’s more of an overview of the set, with plenty of descriptive photos, but she also thinks highly of it.


Also the popular YouTube channel BrickNerd had a live build event, where the Exo Suit was built on the spot: you can see the lengthy video below.

Have I missed any reviews out? Let me know in the comments section and I’ll update this post.