Series 12 Collectible Minifigures Officially Announced

It’s finally here: an official picture of the Series 12 Collectible Minifigure line-up, as plastered all over Twitter last night. Unfortunately this reduced size and badly compressed version was all I could find.


We make a point here on never to entertain any leaked or opportunistic information, solely because we very much dislike leaks and opportunistic information: we like to be surprised just as much as anyone. I wasn’t expecting to see this picture when I did, but it looks like things are about to get real.

Over on Brickset, people seem to be incredibly excited about the pig figure (bottom right), going as far as screaming out all kinds of MOC ideas. Again, it’s confirmation that I’ve made having collections of the animal suit figures cool and acceptable.

As usual, I would prefer to reserve judgement on each figure until I have them in my hands, but my early favourite is the Spooky Girl (top, second right): I’m putting my stake in the ground and stating I want a good-sized army of them, which inevitably means that other people will too.

Other favourites include the female genie (bottom, second left) and the princess (top, third right), and perhaps the jester and “gamer”. The Barbarian (bottom left) and Valkyrie are the series’ combat-related figures, so they’re sure to be the most popular.

Of note is that the price increase for CMFs appears to have been carried through, meaning these will be GBP 2.49 once they’re released – which would be a damn shame if that’s the case. Series 11 is widely being sold for GBP 2.50 now, which indicates that the price increase was intended all along.

I have no idea when Series 12 (distrubingly being referred to as Series 14 in some places) will be released, but I will be ready.