Friends in Space Competition on ReBrick

As someone just a little partial to the Friends theme, I’ve been asked to help promote ReBrick’s Friends in Space competition, which has now been extended to the beginning of September.

Whatever you might think of the 21110 Research Institute, this is a great opportunity to show the world that minidolls can do something other than frequent salons, pet stores, shops etc.
With the Friends in Space competition, your task is to build something space-related for minidolls – it could be a spaceship, space craft, or even a building on the moon – making use of the Friends palette. Once you have, post it on the ReBrick web site and encourage as many people to “like” it as possible.

There are already a handful of great entries on the site, but I’ve been told the stakes are being raised to include an Exo Suit as part of the prizes.

As with other ReBrick and social media competitions, the winners will be chosen based on the number of “likes” they have. Even if you’re not entering yourself, make sure you support the entries you like the most by “liking” them.

Let’s make this a good one!