Underrated CUUSOO: September 2014

Hello again, folks. With the launch of the new LEGO Ideas (née CUUSOO) site a while ago, it’s about time I started this back up. This is the return of Underrated CUUSOO: a feature on SilentMode.tv where I give underrated projects on LEGO Ideas a helping hand, to hopefully gain more supporters and stand a greater chance of reaching 10,000 votes.

For those who don’t know: I started Underrated CUUSOO having noticed a disturbing yet predictable trend: that most people and the big LEGO sites – including LEGO Ideas – tend to promote only the already popular projects. That, the “crabs-in-a-bucket” mentality among FOLs, and a sheer lack of imagination, is why only a tiny handful of projects reach the review stage.
I’m all about ideas, and having had three widely ignored projects on the original CUUSOO site myself, I didn’t want anyone else (with decent projects) to share the same fate.

I’m going to aim to do one of these a month, and I’m keeping the name Underrated CUUSOO because it has a nice ring to it, even though the site is now LEGO Ideas.

Modular Recording Studio by jeffndeb

Hmmmm… This just happens to be a combination of two of my failed CUUSOO projects: CATAWOL Records Modular Building and Studio One – except this time it’s in the form of a singular modular building. Inside the building is the reception (ground floor), recording studio (first floor) and what looks like storage for instruments (top floor).

Remember – as hard as it is for some of you – that it’s the concept we’re voting for, not the exact model right in front of you. I think the building could use more colour variations, but that’s something for LEGO to decide if it reaches and passes the review. Personally I think it would be great to have a music-themed modular building to go with the rest, particularly if there are people hyped up about a detective agency (recently revealed to be the modular building for 2015).

Maybe people will support this version of a music company, seeing as it’s not mine, but currently it has only nine supporters.

Meteorologist and Weather Station by GlosLegoFan

Here’s an interesting and original concept (at least, I haven’t seen anything like this before): a weather themed project. While it is on the small side to be a LEGO Ideas set, it does have the potential to introduce a new generation of kids to the weather, and all kinds of technology involved in reading and predicting it. I can guarantee that weather stations are non-existent in many an AFOL’s town setup.

I definitely wouldn’t mind picking one of these up, whether as an official set or a result of LEGO Ideas, and if the Research Institute can get made I can’t see why this wouldn’t. It has four supporters at the moment, having started just yesterday.

LEGO Greenhouse by JhonBrick

Here’s another great idea that I haven’t seen as an official set (feel free to get at my neck if there has been one), and something that’s sorely missing from the City theme. Actually, I think it would go well with a weather station!

As well as all the door frames, window frames, glass and other transparent parts this set would involve, this greenhouse project would also provide a great opportunity to obtain those elusive bush and tree parts – which have been making much rarer appearances in recent years – as well as a host of other plant parts.

Around five days in, this project has managed to gain 51 supporters so far. If you like [the concept of] this project, there’s no excuse not to support it.

The Oregon Trail by Ohmadon

This is the only IP-based project in this month’s Underrated CUUSOO, and as a general rule I avoid IP-based projects as they have their own loyal fanboy and fangirl base. However, I couldn’t help but admire this one, which is an angle not many people would have thought of.

As far as I’m concerned, you can’t claim to have any interest in computer or video games if you haven’t heard of The Oregon Trail, which is probably most famous for its “dysentery” line. I won’t claim to be any kind of fan of the game, as I’ve literally only played it once (and didn’t get very far) – however I own The Amazon Trail on CD, which is a similar game by the same company.

Anyway, while I’m not sure LEGO would include so many animals and specialised parts in the set, I definitely think they’d go for the wagon. The success of the project would largely depend on interest in a Western revival, and so far there are 72 such people behind it.


That’s it for this month’s Underrated CUUSOO. If you have a LEGO Ideas project you’d like me to feature, hit me up using the contact form. Your project must have less than 500 supporters to qualify, and non-IP projects will take priority over IP-based ones – because this is about underrated projects after all.