SilentMode’s Upcoming CUUSOO Predictions (Second 2014)

It’s that time again… time I actually wouldn’t have known about without the help of Brick Fanatics’ article through my Twitter feed. That time is the announcement of the next LEGO Ideas review, which is only the second one to happen in 2014.

This time around there are eight projects that have made the cut – all IP-based – and you can read about them on the official weblog page. Unfortunately there’s no convenient single image for me to link to.

As a salty, grumpy old AFOL, who couldn’t get support for his own projects: this particular review highlights the disconnect between what people will vote for on LEGO ideas, and the type of sets LEGO would produce. Without any disrespect toward the successful project owners, nothing seems to have been learned from past LEGO Ideas successes and non-successes, or the guidelines – although I have noticed there aren’t any new moulds being proposed. In the end, that’s really on you people (the ones who promote and support such projects).

You’ve heard my rants before, and that one was simply filler – because I’m even less excited about this review than the previous one. So here are my thoughts:

  • If there has to be a winner from this selection, my money is on Wall•E – however I won’t buy it.
  • The only project I’d buy out of these is the Ghostbusters HQ. (It would be funny if it was released as a mini modular building!) Hopefully people would have realised that fitting the Ecto-1 inside a modular building would be impossible… I don’t think they have a clue.
  • I actually wouldn’t mind seeing an X-Men LEGO theme, which would probably include the X-Mansion as the largest set. By X-Men I mean the cartoons, not the Hollywood pose-a-thon trilogy.
  • The Hubble Space Telescope is also a good candidate, however it has the disadvantage of being preceded by three other Space projects. (Four if you count the astronomer’s vignette in Research Institute.)

What I think will happen:

  • One of the Doctor Who projects (most likely this one) will pass the first 2014 review, and will conveniently be launched in time for Christmas.
  • The LEGO Bird Project will be held over for this review.
  • Ether Wall•E or the LEGO Bird Project will pass the second review.
  • The Hubble Space Telescope will be held over for the next review.

Again I’m not excited, and the disillusionment continues. But what do you think will happen?