Road to STEAM 2014: The Trout of Shame

Here’s yet another model I was able to build last night, and this one will hopefully capture your interest if you’re a fan of the old Town sets.

You may have heard about something called the Trout of Shame sometime this year, probably in reference to nitwits insisting on calling The LEGO Movie Collectible Minifigures Series 12. That was a little meme I tried to get going, and amazingly enough there have been some people on board! There’s even a Twitter account that offers to give other Twitter users a proverbial fish slap (which coincidentally uses a trout).

Well, as with all great ideas, I decided to take things further with the Trout of Shame, and make it a pivotal part of The EvilMode Movie, just as Emmet had the Piece of Resistance in The LEGO Movie. This model is of the scene where EvilMode stumbles across the Trout of Shame.

This is my first MOC that makes uses of a sliding door, thanks to the technique used in Jungle First Aid Bike. I had spent quite a while trying to make that door as concealed as possible, but then I remembered that this would be a display piece at STEAM: historically nobody has really wanted to see the insides of one of my models, so there was no point in spending too much time on the interior.

As a result, the sliding door moves very nicely; it’s stiff enough not to fall all over the place, but not so stiff that it can’t be opened. The White plate used for the roof also provides a nice lighting effect inside the secret compartment, which was an unintended little “feature” provided by the part’s transparency.

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