Road to STEAM 2014: Bee’s Apartment

I was able to produce two videos of MOCs for this year’s STEAM yesterday, of which this is the first.

Welcome to Bee’s Apartment… or at least, the façade of her apartment. This is intended to be one of the lower-priced sets to come out when The EvilMode Movie hits the cinemas, so the focus was on keeping the part count low, whilst having some level of playability. It would probably retail at GBP 9.99 (perhaps GBP 11.99 as it’s a license).

Of course, you’re free to build the interior of B. Bee’s apartment as you wish with your own parts. Does she have a shoebox of an apartment, or one of those fancy modern spaces? You decide.

I’m going to be switching the Light Aqua scooter (found in Mia’s Lemonade Stand) with a Purple equivalent from BrickForge when it arrives, because Purple is B. Bee’s favourite colour; she also has a condition where she’s unable to [efficiently] use anything that isn’t coloured Purple.

You may not like this MOC, but you’ve gotta admit it’s still better than Stephanie’s Pet Patrol!