Road to STEAM 2014: Emma’s Bedroom

Are you ready for some epicness?

Check this one out: this is an artist’s impression of Emma’s Bedroom, which I haven’t seen done anywhere else on the Interwebs to date. Maybe it has, but I don’t remember seeing any. (Shout yourself out if you’ve done one.)

In the Friends According to SilentMode world, Emma may be the comparative wallflower of the group, but she is loaded. Living in an out-of-town villa, she easily has the largest bedroom of the five, which comes with an en-suite bathroom, and uniquely has her own four-poster bed. Nobody – not even the other girls – has ever set foot in Emma’s bedroom, as she is adamant about her privacy.

As a set to accompany The EvilMode Movie, Julian from Heartlake Shopping Mall also makes an appearance; he’s trying to reclaim his camera, which Emma confiscated from him, as it contains important information. Little did he think, however, that Emma would be in the bathroom…
I’d considered adding Sarah to the mix in the early stages of this MOC, but that would have made things very messy.

Emma’s Bedroom also has the one and only appearance of Towel Emma: it’s the same figure as the one in Emma’s Bath House, except it permanently has a towel attached. I guess a more child-friendly alternative would be Emma in a nightgown or something… either way, who wouldn’t want that minidoll in their collection?

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While we’re on YouTube, check out this comparatively innocent video of someone else’s vision of Emma’s house.