Road to STEAM 2014: Sound Booth

Over on the YouTube channel (go check it out) is this video of a “bonus” MOC for this year’s STEAM in Swindon, which happens in just over a week’s time. The tension is starting to thicken, and it’s a race against time to prepare everything – with many a distraction to get in the way. If I’m honest, however, I’m not optimistic about my display’s reception.

This here is a “bonus” MOC as part of The EvilMode Movie theme, because I decided to add it at the last minute; thankfully I was able to design and build it in just one day, using parts from my collection.

So basically Ms. Stevens is providing the voice of the Trout of Shame – which is now a talking fish – for the movie. Obviously the MOC consists of a sound booth and a control deck, manned by Olivia, but this is one of two MOCs in the display that do not take place inside the fictional movie. There’s not much more to add.

To the obvious feminists who commented on my Research Institute review: note that this is an all-female MOC! We haven’t actually seen many of those being created since the set came out (besides those in the LEGO Friends Flickr group), which thinks is strange…