Road to STEAM 2014: Light Tracers

This is the third part of the large Santa Showdown set from The EvilMode Movie, and the final MOC for my display at this year’s Great Western Brick Show – or STEAM – in Swindon.

I’d been looking forward to building these vehicles, and made sure I saved these for last – but I was delayed for a week due to parts not turning up in the mail on time, which happens occasionally.

These light tracers may be similar to the light cycles in Tron, but they were designed and intended to be “better than the ones in that movie”. They’re called HIS and HER tracers (standing for High Intensity Striker and Heat Efficient Racer respectively), and they provide a way for both EvilMode and Bee to traverse the virtual game grid and battle Giga Santa and the Reindeer Units.

As you can see from the video, the original plan was to have those transparent Technic wheels included in both models, but it turned out that the Technic pins weren’t long enough to support both the wheels and dishes. A 2.5-length axle would have sufficed, but those don’t exist… so instead I left the wheels (which I had to buy) out of the model. The one big disadvantage of using LDD to design MOCs is that it can’t tell you how stable a connection is, and I’ve experienced that problem many times before.

Anyway, be sure to like the video on YouTube if you like it – and make sure you get your ticket for STEAM to come and see this model.