Underrated CUUSOO: October 2014

Welcome to another edition of Underrated CUUSOO, courtesy of SilentMode.tv. We’re here once again to shed light on a few LEGO Ideas projects that could really use your support.

To qualify for Underrated CUUSOO projects must have 500 supporters or less (5% progress), and priority will be given to non-IP projects over IP-based ones.

It has to be said that this month’s picks required a lot of digging on the LEGO Ideas web site. While we appreciate how difficult it can be to put your work on the site, and that we would never humiliate anyone who does so, there are far too many copycat projects for our liking. We won’t talk about the LDD screenshot projects, as we’ve heard about those numerous times.
With that said, this is a great opportunity for someone to come in with a mind-blowing non-IP project, which is what LEGO Ideas should be about, is sorely missing, and really must have to survive. Getting the 10,000 supporters is another matter entirely…

Landspeeder by LBrickstone

Along with Star Wars, the popularity of Benny from The LEGO Movie and a whole bunch of other IPs, it could be argued that LEGO Ideas is dominated by the Space theme – so you might have had your fill of spaceships and the like. However, this project benefits greatly – makes itself far more appealing – from not attaching itself to Star Wars, which is where the original Landspeeder came from.  This looks like a fun little vehicle to play with, and I can definitely see this model as an official set, hopefully with those three equally appealing astronauts.

Definitely show your support for the Landspeeder, as it currently has just 74 supporters.

Robot Without Technic by 1Creator1

Despite containing Technic bricks, and I’d suspect Technic pins as well, this is a very cool-looking humanoid robot that lends itself to customisation. If you’ve been wondering how to build a robot with moving limbs out of LEGO, this – if it gets produced, or if you can decipher how it’s built – may give you a great foundation to build on.
Unfortunately most of the people voting on LEGO Ideas don’t seem to have any imagination whatsoever, which might be why this project has just 4 supporters in just under 10 days. Prove us wrong!

Pizzeria by michael4886

We’re not sure about giving support to modular buildings on LEGO Ideas in general, mostly because of the prices these sets would command. However, we don’t mind modular buildings at this scale, which may yet be affordable for the everyday person.
just2good recently commented about his love of pizza places, and in particular the Pizza Delivery Man from S12 of the Collectible Minifigures. There’s definitely room in one’s Town/City layout for a pizza or even an Italian restaurant, and it would be even cooler if LEGO took things back to the Town era with the set design, almost like we have here.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, however – it only has 24 supporters at the time of writing, but there’s plenty of time to go.

Travel Agency by GlosLegoFan

This particular project looks nice. I can immediately see this being paired (or even sold) with one of those aeroplanes they sell via British Airways or some other airline, but it’s yet another building I’ve yet to see anyone incorporate into a Town/City layout. Gotta love these original – or at least not seen done before – ideas coming to light.
I particularly like the shape of the building, and that it looks very much like a travel agency – but what sells it for me is the Dark Blue roof and the plane sign at the top.
The Travel Agency is doing okay with 64 supporters, but we really must get that number up. I want to see this set get made!


That’s it for this month’s Underrated CUUSOO: be sure to show your support for the above projects, and if there’s anything I’ve missed please get in touch.