Talks from the Great Western Brick Show 2014

As is customary, filmed the numerous talks that took place during the weekend of the Great Western Brick Show 2014. Rather than give each talk its own post (which would really only be of benefit to search engines), we decided to link the dedicated playlist of all the uploaded videos to this page.

Also included in the playlist is the two-hour live broadcast at the Great Western Brick Show by Swindon Web TV, as well as our one and only walkthrough video.

Each of these took a long time to render and upload, so please show your appreciation by giving your favourite ones a comment and/or “like” on YouTube – and for that matter, subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Building the RMS Queen Mary by Ed Diment
How to go about building an 8m long ship with 250,000 LEGO bricks.

Castles and Forts by Gemma Nash
For the aspiring builder, this is a look back at old castle kits and how the walls and towers have been built maintaining individuality between kits and strength.

I didn’t know LEGO did trains! by David Tabner
A Review of current and past LEGO train sets and systems, going back half a century.

Let there be light! Adding illumination to your models by Jeremy Williams
We’ll explore the different options for adding lighting effects to a model, including current official LEGO elements, specialist lights and home-grown solutions.

An AFOL working at LEGOLAND by Kevin Hall
Theming, signage and LEGO models.

Getting started with LEGO Mindstorms by Martin Long
A beginner’s guide to building robots. How to move beyond building the models on the box and create some of your own contraptions.

LEGO Narrow Gauge Railways by Alexander McCooke
Modelling the narrow gauge railways of Victoria (Australia) in LEGO bricks – narrower track or larger models?