SilentMODs: Minidoll LED Lite Moulding/Casting

Some of you may know about my silicone moulding endeavours, from my previous videos of creating copies of the minifigure LED Lites. Well, thanks to paying attention to my Twitter feed, someone let me know about the existence of minidoll LED Lites in the LEGO Friends theme.

One of the characters I plan on doing in LEGO form would benefit from the shape of a minidoll, so I went out and bought one a couple of weeks ago from John Lewis in Stratford. I opted for Stephanie (both Stephanie and Olivia were available at the time, but all five of the main characters will be available at some point), for no reason other than it looked a fraction nicer.

Creating the silicone mould and resulting castings for this figure was really no different to the process for minifigures – I’d even managed to get it right first time. The one thing to watch out for is the thin limbs; the casting material might not fill those areas without some coercion, and they are particularly fragile when the cast hasn’t fully cured.

Let me know if you like these videos and want to see some more.