TWO Next LEGO Ideas Sets

Just as I’d alluded to in my previous post, which was this month’s Underrated CUUSOO feature, the surprise news about the outcome of the last LEGO Ideas review was completely spoiled over on the Brickish Association forum. We all know how supposed FOLs like to spoil things, eh?

Well, the big news is in the official video over on the LEGO Ideas weblog

Not one but two projects in this year’s first review made the cut:

  • the LEGO Bird Project by DeTomaso;
  • The Big Bang Theory, a combined effort by Alatariel and GlenBricker.

I don’t really have much to add to the outcome of this review, but I’ma speak anyway.

It’s great news that two projects made the cut this time around, especially given that a whole review (the previous one) had been taken out by a carried over project. I’m not overly excited about either one, but it’s reassuring that the LEGO Bird Project – which I’d predicted would succeed – will be officially released. Congratulations to DeTomaso, as that particular project seemed to be an underdog, especially going up against those based on IPs.

The Big Bang Theory was this review’s surprise. What evidently saved (and pushed) this project was the involvement of the cast of the show with LEGO, but what’s interesting for me is where this will take things in the future, with regard to ideas with similarly questionable content. This project passing also makes Alatariel (who did the infamous Research Institute) the first person to get a double.

While I was absolutely certain we’d see a Doctor Who set before the end of the year, both projects are still in contention for the next review, where they will face off against the other eight. My money is still on Wall-E being chosen from that review, and I have next to no doubt that we’ll see an official Doctor Who set.

I am still considering whether to throw my hat in the ring one last time, perhaps with one of my models from The EvilMode Movie. What do you think?