Photos from BRICK 2014

I don’t have much to add to the compliments heaped on the organisers, but I want to give them a shout out for BRICK 2014: easily the biggest event I’ve been to and exhibited at to date. For me it was worth the wait since The LEGO Show in 2012 – just wish I could have made the most of it on the social side.

Though there are people on the official Facebook page complaining about overcrowding and other things, there was always plenty of room in front of my display! So where were these people?!
In any case, the objective of getting more people in the door had been achieved, with almost 50,000 people turning up over the four days.

There’s no walkthrough video from me, but Legoboy over on the Brickset forums had done a good job of capturing things – even me and my display.

I was able to take photos – sadly I only had time to do so within the red fan zone. If you don’t see your display in my Flickr album it’s likely because the photos didn’t come out as I’d liked – there was no intentional snubbing on my end.

And for anyone who had forgotten…

Neither the hosts nor “The Legettes” have been seen since. ^_^

In terms of exhibiting, next on the list is my third time at the National Space Centre in Leicester, this time in March. Will have to come up with something specifically space or sci-fi related!