Underrated CUUSOO: December 2014

Folks, FOLs, and those who vote on IP-based projects: it’s time for another episode of Underrated CUUSOO for LEGO Ideas, exclusive to SilentMode.tv. You know the rules: we feature some of the most underrated projects on LEGO Ideas each month, with the hope that we can help them reach the coveted 10,000 supporter mark.

Cue some intro about approaching the end of the year, what an exciting year etc. blah, blah. My only concern is with what else is in store for the concept, although the owners of successful projects should consider themselves very lucky. I have a strong feeling that reaching the review stage will continue to be reserved for only the most popular of FOLs, but hopefully I’ll be proven wrong.

Without further ado, let’s get to this month’s finds.

Industrial Displays by legoboy9247

Clearly modelled after the success of the infamous Research Institute, which has been selling like hot cakes, this project could be interpreted as turning the idea on its head – and seeing how passionate feminists will be about it. As was pointed out over in the Brickish forums, they may not take too kindly to this line:

This would include a minifigure for each vignette. Probably a mechanic, an engineer, and a woman.

Digs aside (and I swear I’m not biased), this project as it is would definitely hold my interest, but it’s just as important to have a concept that ties the vignettes together – which is supposedly what made the Research Institute so popular (but we know better).

It will be interesting to see how this turns out, and I’d keep an eye on this one. Right now it has 64 supporters after a couple of days, so if you’re on LEGO Ideas – or not – it’s time to do your thing.

Sleeping Santa Claus by Schfiofactory

This one may have suffered from bad timing, seeing as it’s so close to Christmas, but I think this would make a great Christmas ornament. Though Father Christmas (Santa) is pictured sitting on a chair, I think he would work on its own, particularly considering how many parts it probably uses.

It looks very similar in style to the LEGO Birds Project that was recently announced as becoming an official set, so if you like the style of that one then you might like this too. Right now, as I’m typing these words, it has a healthy 152 supporters.

Autism / PDD-NOS Planboard by Inspiration

Maybe not so much the project itself as the concept: I like the idea of LEGO sets being used for education and therapy.  Autism is one area I think [more] people should take seriously, particularly as it’s affecting increasing numbers of young folk. Hey, if LEGO could be used to indirectly further feminist interests (cough), it could certainly do more with education, which at the moment seems to be very distant.

The project has 84 supporters at the moment; I’m interested to see how far it gets.

Stealth Gamer by kir1992

If we are going to go by aesthetics (as most people do), this is a very nice and creative little model for one of the recent Collectible Minifigures, and may whet the appetite of Space fans, particularly those into Blacktron. If you remember those little (but expensive) CMF rehash packs LEGO have put out in the past, I think people would respond to this kind of set more favourably.

In keeping with the aesthetics, this craft has 68 supporters behind it – probably even more by tomorrow. We’ll see.


Unfortunately that’s all we have for Underrated CUUSOO for 2014: be sure to check us out next year, but more importantly show your support for the above and anything else you like.