SilentMode’s LEGO Ideas Projects of the Year

So Brick Fanatics made a post about which LEGO Ideas set – produced or not produced – they thought should be crowned Ideas Project of the Year. They have more than one person on staff, and most of them had their own opinions, so it makes for an interesting read.

They decided on the Ghostbusters Ecto-1, which I did a review of shortly after it came out. Remembering how disappointed I was that there wasn’t a stronger tie-in with the movie – and indeed the 30th anniversary of the first movie – I’m not sure I agree with that decision. However, it got me thinking about what I would have chosen instead!

As the guy behind Underrated CUUSOO for LEGO Ideas, I decided to come up with my own unofficial

SilentMode Ideas Awards 2014!

after which they’ll haul me off to a very special place.

Underrated LEGO Ideas Project of the Year 2014

The nominees for this category all come from past Underrated CUUSOO mentions, and in particular those I have on rotation using my CUUSOO List plugin (on the right hand side of this page).

Industrial Displays by legoboy9247 came in during the last post, and on a presentation level looks like it could do very well, although it’s a bit too similar to the infamous Research Institute. Another one of my favourites is SpecialFX23’s Movie Night with Friends!, which is a really out there idea for a set but it just might work! Even if LEGO took it literally and had minidolls instead of minifigures!

My award would go to GlosLegoFan’s Travel Agency, which I really hope picks up and gets a lot more support than it has right now, as it looks (and let’s be honest, most of you are only interested in aesthetics) like an authentic set. If the Mini Shop series couldn’t make it past the review stage for whatever reason, let’s hope this one does!

SilentMode’s Underrated LEGO Ideas Project of the Year: Travel Agency by GlosLegoFan


Runner-up LEGO Ideas Project of the Year 2014

This category is for the also-rans: those projects that were lucky enough to reach 10,000 supporters, but unlucky enough to get stopped at the review stage.We’re only looking at projects that were rejected this year.

My award goes to the Japanese Old Style Architecture project by taxon55. I thought it was almost a sure thing, despite being a little too large for the Ideas sets that have come out, to the point where I’d predicted it would be chosen over the other projects in its review – the one that was completely wiped out by the Research Institute due to being held over.

SilentMode’s Runner-up LEGO Ideas Project of the Year: Japanese Old Style Architecture by taxon55

TGIF LEGO Ideas Project of the Year 2014

Here’s an interesting category for you: it’s similar to the runner-up award, except it’s for the project I’m most relieved didn’t get made into an official set. It’s the Thank Goodness It Failed award, which itself sounds really disrespectful…
No offence is intended toward the project owners; I can only imagine how heartbreaking it must have been to get to close and yet so far.

I won’t pretend to be upset over the projects that didn’t get chosen weren’t chosen, but for me there was really only one candidate:

SilentMode’s TGIF LEGO Ideas Project of the Year: The Adventure Time Project by jazlecraz

Again I don’t mean any offence to the project owner, but I’m definitely not a fan of Adventure Time; I saw an episode and just didn’t get the appeal. With that said, the rendition of the model actually looks good in terms of parts; how much of it LEGO would have been able to reproduce is questionable.

I must take back what I’d initially said about the Sherlock project by flailx: there was a proposed model for the project, it’s just that the promo image was of the two main minifigures against a modern London backdrop.

LEGO Ideas Project of the Year 2014

Of course, last but not least, this award for the most deserving successful (ie. production) LEGO Ideas set, released this year.

I’m not even going to insert any fake suspense.

SilentMode’s LEGO Ideas Project of the Year: Exo Suit by PeterReid

I know what you’re thinking: “he’s biased!”

If there’s one thing you should know about me as an AFOL, it’s that ideas mean a lot more to me than aesthetics. There’s definitely nothing to be taken away from BrentWaller’s Ghostbusters Ecto-1, which is a very good set and rendition of the titular vehicle. I’m not even hating on Alatariel’s Research Institute, for all the jabs I’ve been throwing (mainly towards feminists) since it was announced: regardless of my opinion, it is arguably the most successful Ideas set in terms of sales.

It was being involved in the marketing campaign – very loosely – that helped me appreciate what went into the Exo Suit. This wasn’t just a model that someone came up with to gain supporters and have made into an official product, nor was there any agenda behind it; it was a realised dream. That may not be entirely what LEGO Ideas is about, but isn’t it a great thought that it could happen for you?

For the record: the LEGO Birds Project by DeTomaso would have won over the Exo Suit, except its official release is next year.


There you have it: those are my “awards”. Let me know what your nominees and winners are!