HER Light Tracer Instructions

Christmas is almost upon us, and things have been very quiet over here on SilentMode.tv – because we’ve been making preparations for the new year for the last few weeks. It’s finally time to reveal our surprise gift to the masses…

We’ve taken some time out to generate instructions for an MOC I’ve showcased at this year’s STEAM (Great Western Brick Show) and BRICK 2014: the HER Light Tracer vehicle from The EvilMode Movie theme. Yes, the full instructions for building your own version are available to download from this page.

I know that many of you have wondered how to build your own light cycles from the movie Tron, and you’ve seen pictures of other people’s efforts online but they won’t tell you how they’ve made them. While my light tracer vehicles aren’t light cycles, they will give you an idea of how to build your own and the parts I used to build mine.

I only have three requirements for anyone downloading my instructions:

  • Don’t keep it a secret! Spread the word about the free download, and make sure you tell them where you got it from.
  • If you build something from my instructions, show me photos of your creations.
  • Make sure you check out The EvilMode Movie mini-site, as it took a long time to make!

Download instructions for HER Light Tracer