Boxing Day Announcement

A while ago I announced on Twitter that I’d be making a special announcement on Boxing Day… as usual nobody listened, so here it is in text form.

You’re aware by now that I’m no longer doing set reviews, having retired after a total of 101. It took a long time to write those reviews, and even though they weren’t of professional standard I had fun doing most of them.
The honest reason for ending the run is that it’s way too much time and energy spent to be almost completely ignored. Most of you would rather read and comment on someone else’s reviews solely because they’re written by someone else, and deep down you (reading this right now) know it’s true. It is what it is.

I still won’t be doing any more reviews, though I’m open to doing the occasional guest review (and costing the respective site owner millions of hits 😛 ).

The announcement is that, while I won’t be reviewing any more, I’m continuing the “fun with the set” theme by starting an official Friends According to SilentMode series. Starting with whichever new Friends sets I can get my hands on, the story will continue from where things were left.
(Those “fun with the set” segments I had at the end of my Friends set reviews weren’t only improvised but formed part of a storyline, similar to a soap opera: one I’ve dubbed Friends According to SilentMode.)
Depending on my other endeavours, I will aim to do one “episode” every fortnight, and like the Christmas Party they will be in comic format.

That’s my announcement.