The End of 2014

What’s up folks: it’s time for the obligatory end of year post from your friends here at

As I’ve mentioned before, and have been upfront about, 2014 has been a rough year on this end. We’ve not had as much of an impact as we wanted in terms of LEGO, whether we’re talking about MOCs, events or other activities, and a lot of it has been down to misplaced energy on our part. (While I could mention the suspicion of being actively ignored, it wouldn’t be worth it.)

However, there’s no denying that some great things happened this year too. Let’s list a few of ’em in no specific order…

Exo Suit

exo suit

We can’t overlook the success of the Exo Suit LEGO Ideas project, which was the first UK-based project to reach the holy grail (the second being the LEGO Birds Project, coming out soon), and that was a great moment in itself – but being invited to be part of the marketing campaign was a great opportunity and probably the biggest highlight of the year.
Regardless of how small or minuscule my contribution was, among other things it gave me insight into what goes on behind the scenes. I’m grateful for the experience, so much so that I’ve tried to stay out of trouble… but just a little!

BRICK 2014


Another big highlight of the year was the return of The LEGO Show, which was eventually called BRICK 2014. I’d looked forward to this since it was announced at the beginning of the year – which it was why it was so disappointing that my display didn’t quite go according to plan! Just as well, however, as things actually worked out (as they often do!).

Anyhow, there’s been talk of the event taking place next year as well, and I have no idea what I’m going to display if it goes ahead, but here’s hoping it’s going to be another good one. But please, please, please leave the Legettes back in 2014 – or 1994 if possible, where they belong!

The Evilmode Movie

facebook image

(Don’t worry, it’s not linked!)

Unfortunately this little project of mine didn’t have nearly the amount of impact I’d wanted, for various reasons, but it’s been one of my most ambitious LEGO projects to date.

What you might not have realised is that the premise contains a lot of references to past ideas, most notably the review that spawned EvilMode. Those went over people’s heads, mostly because people don’t go to exhibitions for back stories and references – especially with models based around movies that don’t exist!

As far as making an actual movie: I would jump on the opportunity to produce one, although it would take a lot of time and energy (especially if I had to do it myself).

Review of Heartlake Shopping Mall


My review of the Heartlake Shopping Mall turned out to be my most popular (in terms of views) review this year, and perhaps of all time. This was primarily down to someone posting it on Reddit, as well as my homey just2good posting about it on one of the forums.

While I’m still not down with the talking amongst themselves (rather than to me) some people still do, I really did – and still do – appreciate the mentions and the exposure. I would still rate the set as being one of the best that came out this year, and EvilMode has one more member for his crew!

Project Swapfig

Last but not least, the reason things have been comparatively quiet on this end is because I’ve been working on the next iteration of Project Swapfig (which I’m sure we’re sick of hearing about by now). There’s been the infamous hiccup regarding the production of the crowdfunding rewards, but in general progress has been slower than I’d like, though progress is being made.
In fact, I’m working right now on having a working version of the site up soon, hopefully before the day is out!


Regardless of what has and hasn’t happened in 2014, 2015 is hopefully going to be a big year: in and out of LEGO. We will see you then.