Underrated CUUSOO: January 2015

Welcome to another edition of Underrated CUUSOO for LEGO Ideas, exclusively on SilentMode.tv.

There are lots and lots of copycat projects via the Discover tab on the site, and it’s getting so ridiculous that I may even submit a project to change things up. So this month there are only three projects really worth mentioning, in my opinion.

Fairy Tale Modular “Jack and the Beanstalk” by jrbony

This project is part of a series of modular fairy tales, but jrbony had the sense to make this a separate project to stand on its own. The model itself has appeal for fans of microscale (such as myself), a number of interesting parts, and the premise of the set is also child friendly. As an added bonus, the S9 Cyclops has finally found its calling!

I particularly like the cloud design, which looks like something out of a recent Zelda game; no doubt there was some influence there.

At the moment this project has just 17 supporters, while the Fairy Tale Modular Set has 353. Make sure you support one or both of these projects.

Wedding gazebo by Orange_Sparrow

LEGO has already put out a wedding minifigure set, and we’ve seen a wedding taking place at their Town Hall modular building. News has also leaked – no thanks to the leakers – about a V-Day set for this year, depicting a wedding proposal. With so many married/engaged/long-term-committed couples in the LEGO community, I guess it comes as no surprise.

Anyhow, why not add another model to the collection? This one here is of a different stage within the whole marriage ordeal, where the husband and wifey finally have some time on their own. Even for this jaded AFOL who isn’t interested in marriage, it’s a very sentimental set, highlighted by the included video.

It literally hopped in the ring yesterday, and as such has only 5 supporters.

Hobby Workplace by Nitro_jr

Last but not least, we have a set that mimics design utensils – in a similar vein to Peter Reid’s MOC – and I think, if the right combination of tools and things were depicted, it would be a great idea for a LEGO Ideas set, or a set in general. It could maybe start a Parts Out Of LEGO (POOL) revolution or something.

I’d make a few changes if I could, but as it stands the project currently has 29 supporters. Why not add your name to the list?


And indeed, that’s all we have for this month. Remember, to get on Underrated CUUSOO a project must have 500 supporters or less, and non-IP takes precedence over IP.