Two For Two: The Next LEGO Ideas Sets

Coming across the feed from the Brickish Association’s forum, and also on Brickset, is the news that many people have been waiting for: the outcome of the latest LEGO Ideas review. (This one was called the second review of 2014).

And as you’ll find out from the video below, as well as on the official weblog linked above, this review was an IP-fest.

For those who actually listened to me from my prediction post, once again I’m right on the money – although I probably chose the other Doctor Who project. But yes, it’s official: there will be an official Doctor Who LEGO set, for the 10,000 and more supporters who want it!

A big shout out and congratulations go to AndrewClark2 for the Doctor Who and Companions project (who didn’t see that coming?), as well as MacLane for the Wall-E project.