Brick Classifieds: the New Site on the Block

Courtesy of Brick Fanatics’ post on Twitter, I was alerted to the launch of yet another site for buying and selling LEGO, called Brick Classifieds. It’s a polished looking site you can visit by clicking on the link.

FireShot Capture - Brick Classifieds - The Place to Buy and Sel_ - https___www.brickclassifieds.com_

Brick Classifieds takes things back to the days of classified ads in papers (such as LOOT in my corner of the world), where people can list whatever they want to sell at a price they specify. Using this approach, they can avoid the long waits, risk of being short-changed, and of course the hefty fees associated with using feeBay.

This new site, which seems to have had a very quiet launch, is from the guys behind Brickpicker: an already established site and forum in the online LEGO community. As such, many of the listings currently on the site are State-side.

It will be interesting to see whether Brick Classifieds will take off in a big way, and whether back-handed comments and complaints about the logo will be made on various other sites – but the important thing to note is that people can sell through the site with no commission – similar to what both Brick Trader and Brick Owl did – during its beta phase.

Go check out Brick Classifieds, and let us know what you think!