Research Geology by circeverba

I’ve been getting ready to put together a list of projects for this month’s Underrated CUUSOO, when I came across this interesting offering from circeverba over on LEGO Ideas.

In a similar vein to the infamous Research Institute (yes I’ve linked to my review again!), this project contains two vignettes – this time involving geology.

Now, regardless of whether the third minifigure (with the Orange torso) is male or female, this looks like it could be an interesting set if it gets made. At the very least it would go well with the Research Institute, and it would show that you don’t have to base a project on an IP to succeed…

Research Geology won’t make this month’s Underrated CUUSOO because it already has 696 supporters (at the time of writing) – but it’s a project I’d recommend you go and support if you can. Even with the successes of the aforementioned sets, the Exo Suit and the LEGO Birds Project, I still feel that non-IP projects are underrated.