Underrated CUUSOO: February 2015

Welcome to another edition of Underrated CUUSOO for LEGO Ideas, exclusive to SilentMode.tv: the worst LEGO fan site on the Internet. If you’re still visiting this site, you are probably crazy or insane.</notreally>

Having had a look at many of the projects currently under the Discovery tab, some of you will be very glad to know that this month’s Underrated CUUSOO is an IP fest: all of our choices are based on existing intellectual property. We have no hate for such projects, but usually they don’t need any help getting a significant number of supporters.

So here we go:

The Attack on Grayskull by Hobbes

This one may be before your time depending on your age, but with the increase in projects based around nostalgia on LEGO Ideas, this one was inevitable (though may have already been done).

Amazingly Hobbes was able to get hold of so many Dark Green parts for this build of Castle Grayskull, but possibly the biggest draw of a set like this would be the minifigures: who wouldn’t want a minifigure scale Skeletor? Additionally the animal He-Man is riding (have no idea what its name is) has been very well designed: to echo the comments of one other person, it almost looks like a series of bespoke moulded parts.

If you’re a fan of He-Man and/or the Masters of the Universe, this project could use your support – currently it has 107 supporters.

Mini – Tool Time by nunki-psi

This one may also be before your time, depending on your age, but there used to be a sitcom called Home Improvement: in this corner of the world it aired on Channel 4 during the week. One of the main features of the sitcom was “Tool Time”: a show within the show.

I don’t have anything more to say about this project: it’s a great idea, and I’d definitely grab this one if it ever made it past the review. It would be a great opportunity to get hold of tool parts, and perhaps even tiles representing planks of wood!

Its success depends on you, however, as it only has 95 supporters at the time of writing. They say real men don’t need instructions…

LEGO City TV News Truck by Bricksplosion

So we lied: this project isn’t based on an IP.

There’s probably a number of similar projects on LEGO Ideas, but I like this one because of the inclusion of decals with the TV design of the past, as well as the thorough design of the news van. The Friends theme had its own news van, and it’s about time the City theme got a rehash of its old TV-themed models – but hopefully LEGO won’t just pilfer dude’s idea.

How about it: let’s drum up enough support for this particular project before they do. We’re already 116 supporters deep.

Winter Ski Lodge by legokids1910

We lied again!

Personally I’ve fallen out of favour with the Winter Village theme since the Winter Village Cottage, but it definitely has its fans.

While this project is seasonal in nature, it addresses the requirement for more buildings, houses and accommodation within the village. We’ve also seen glimpses of winter sports with the promotional Christmas sets, so a ski lodge would be a great addition.

Currently this project has 54 supporters, so go click on that support button if you want to see this made.

JEOPARDY! by lordofleg0s

Fans of Saturday Night Live, and indeed the game show itself, will be more than familiar with this project. For a time we also had our own version of the show over here, albeit much more stiff upper lip and all that.

The photographed set looks great in its own right, but imagine what it would look like if an official designer weaved their magic on it. I also appreciate the fact that, while most people have gone for conventional and overly popular IPs, this is the first instance of a game show I’ve seen and heard of on LEGO Ideas.

Even if I don’t show it in words, I’m particularly enthusiastic about this project. Alas, it only has 92 supporters to its name at the time of writing… Can we take this one for 10,000?


That’s all we have for this month’s Underrated CUUSOO. Be sure to show your support for these and whichever projects on LEGO Ideas you like the sound of, and we’ll see you next time.